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Hunting Diabla Cast

Posted by Christopher Longoria on July 20, 2014 at 12:30 AM Comments comments (0)

The Return of Taylor Hernandez as the lead role of Diabla!

Cast of Characters

Taylor Hernandez (NIRA-DIABLA)

Robb Hudspeth (The PRIEST)

Luis Esparza (MARCUS)

Mariah-Rae Vincent (ANGELA)Tough girl, sometimes on the wrong side of the Law but is looking to repent for her wicked ways.

Julie Reinagel (DEMON GIRL)Captured by the GANG to confess the where abouts of her Mistress.

Luis Hernadez (DINO) Returned from the dead to help the Gang and settle old bets.

Kimberly Palomarez(TINA)Tough girl not ready to end her intimate relationship with Angela.

Nathan Hartley (BOB)Mentally Challenged Muscle for who ever can pay.

Brendan Hernandez (Alejandro)Fiendish brother of NIRA.

David McAlister (ZACK) Just wants Nira to go out on a date with him so that he can do what he has done to all of his VICTIMS...Little does he know.

Hallmark Von Noy (The BOSS) in charge of the organized crime in the DFW area.

Andrew McDonald (Bar Guy 1) & (Park guy 1) Just wants to get luck but ends up on the floor of the mens room.

Luis Rojas (Bar Guy 2)Just wants to get lucky but ends up in the same place as his friend.

Jack Ruby (Park Guy 2) seems interested with what the priest has to say.

Kellie Johns (Park Girl 1)

Anthony Green (Park Guy 2)

Adrian Rodriguez (Hitman 1) Drives the Car.

Christopher Antone (Hitman 2)Opens the Door.

The Immigrant Demon Children Just want to come to AMERICA and lead a better life but are trick into giving up their souls and are used to torment the GANG.

Dazee Tovar (Demon 1, Professional Screamer)

Lauren Najarra (Demon child 2)

Elaina Martinez (Demon child 3)

Christopher Martinez (Demon child 4)

Daniel Maldonado (Demon chilD 5)

Larry Wright (Cinematographer)

David McAlister (First AD/sound assistant)

Kim Martinez (PA/ sound assistant)

Special Thanks to:

Dallas Treasure Warehouse 231 Sunset Ave.

The Historic Texas Theatre 231 W. Jefferson Blvd.

Lake Cliff Park (Oak Cliff)

Rowlett Creek Preserve Park (Garland)

"New Producer for Diabla"

Posted by Christopher Longoria on January 24, 2012 at 5:15 PM Comments comments (0)

 Associate Producer-Alfredo Soto

"diabla Screening at the HistoricTexas Theater (Oak Cliff)

Posted by Christopher Longoria on September 29, 2011 at 2:35 PM Comments comments (0)


Left to Right- Taylor Hernandez, Biannan Hernandez, Brendan Hernandez, Jenn Wallace, Sandra Ducker, Nathan Ducker


2nd Place

Audience Award at The Texas Theater(Oak Cliff) Show Your Shorts Festival

Congratulation and Thank you to all that attended and Helped in the making of "diabla"


Preproduction and Casting of "diabla"

Posted by Christopher Longoria on July 12, 2011 at 9:15 PM Comments comments (6)

After viewing a youtube video of Taylors' dance routine inspired me to write a new and original short film. Now I had no idea who Taylor was other than a teen girl and proceded with caution to contact her asking that her parents get a hold of me via email. To my suprise her brother had work with me on my first short film, boy was I relieved as her father had informed me.

This is what I had seen from this video I put together an outline then a story and had asked Riley Pennell to write the Screenplay after a month and a half of colaboration it was complete

Brendan Hernandez has worked with me on Adolescent Bravado as a Supporting Actor he will also perform a Guitar Solo on film

It will be Taylors first performance as a Lead Actress and Ballet artist on film


Taylor Hernandez   as  Lead Actress  NIRA       Brendan Hernandez   as  Supporting Actor ALEJANDRO



Tylor West  in the lead role   JESUS

Tyrik Patterson a fine young actor in a Supporting Role in Adolescent Bravado

Has been cast in Diabla  as LIL BUSTER



Calavasa Film Production has Cast Nathan Ducker in the Supporting Role of "DINO"


Calavaza Film Production has Cast Luis Esparza in the Supporting role of "MARCUS" for the short film "diabla". Luis is a talented local Pop music sensation with his group ALL STAR RYDAZ which has performed on many local radio stations...He grew up with breakthrough artist as Treal Lee and Prince Rick. He has colaborated with Young T and has musical influences by Big Truck, MC Magic and Baby Bash. Luis has agreed to Score the film as well


Calavaza Film Production has Cast Jenn Wallace as "SUSAN" Supporting Actress in the short film "diabla. Jenn has performed on NBC & ABC TV shows as Chase and GBC and short films as Welcome Home, Truth Be Told, and Language of a Broken Heart.

Hallmark Van Noy as THE BOSS



Calavaza Film Production has Cast Chris Prock as "Crazy Eddie" Supporting Actor in the short film "diabla". Mr. Prock is a very talented local Actor and has performed on TV shows as The Good Guys and Friday Night Lights and recently in the short film Dirty Laundry and the feature film "Pros and Cons: A Fantasy Football Movie"



Calavaza Film Production has cast Kristian Lane in the role of TINA


Weslee Heileman has been cast in the role of LIZ





MattRach has agreed to allow us to use his music in the short film "diabla"




Italian pianist Igor Roma has allowed us to use his music-

Prokofiev: Romeo & Juliet-Girls dancing with Lillies.




Kristen Hodges as the DANCE INSTRUCTOR




Oak Clif Dance Extras - Alexandra Blumenfeld, Megan Warner, Emylee Herring, Elizabeth Drake, Grace Markee,Jeanne Dube, Emily Budarapu, Kinsey Carlson, Avery Wells, Roxie Walston, Destiny Lopez, Janeth Valdez, Riley King, Ellie King, Carly King, Brianna Beasley, Hope Alinaitwe

 Calavaza Film Production want Thank the Parents and the young Ladies that have agreed to be Extras in the short film Diabla.




McKinney Dance Extras - Lori Bharadwaj, Nina Bharadwaj, Rachel Petry, Sydney Kennedy, Lauren Gifford, Megan Gifford, Dani Saputo, Erin Brothers, Samantha Clouthier, Emma Gosling, Casey Lamont, Alex Macias, Maya Gonzales, Morgan Dworshak, Morgan Alana Taylor, Kaitlyn Zaldana, Antavia Lauren Haynes, Emily Polk, Natalie Schnurr, Annika Barnett, Alexis Davidson.


Big Thank you to Suzan Taylor, Melissa Gosling, and Nancy Intrator in McKinney Tx for use of the studio



a Small thank you to Rowlett Tobacco Patch and Terri Jones


Big Thank You to Jose and Juan Valdez  at JV Furniture and Thirft



Big Thank You to Oak Cliff Culture Center

 Big Thank You to Nancy Chartier and R.E.A.C.T. Film Acting Studio - Dallas, TX